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    The intentional destruction of populations has been going on for a very, very long time. By all indications, we are currently living through one of the biggest of such events. New technology has been added to the arsenal targeting people, while famine was a favourite tool used against populations in the past. The four horsemen (war, famine, pestilence and death) are the tools used by powermongers to bring about “apocalyptic” changes to societies. – elkie

    Description from the channel “Documentary Films for White People”:
    Documentary by Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre.
    Despite the ubiquity of the Jewish “holocaust” in the mainstream, many individuals – White and otherwise – are still unfamiliar with the horrific, early 20th century tragedy known as the “Holodomor”. This should come as no surprise, considering the same people who are in control of shaping the contemporary zeitgeist are the one’s receiving countless forms of reparations for their mostly fictional “genocide”. And unknown to many outside of the White-positive sphere, they were the same people responsible for perpetrating this genocide on White Ukrainians, as well as the worldwide replacement and genocide of Whites today throughout the Western world.

    Released in 1983, “Harvest of Despair” was the first documentary film exploring the Holodomor famine-genocide. Despite approximately a half dozen other films on the topic being released since, “Harvest of Despair” remains the most important and informative of them all. It was put together by the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre to raise awareness on this little-known atrocity.

    In the fall and spring of 1932 and ’33, the Jewish dominated government of the Soviet Union created a man-made famine in Ukraine to quell what was perceived as the dangerous threat of regional nationalism. With the type of gross inhumanity that only a certain non-White tribe could be capable of, the communist authorities succeeded in their goal of wiping out an estimated 10 million White men, women and children.

    Using rare and vintage footage captured in the USSR during the Holodomor, and interviews with historians and individuals who survived the famine, the film tells the chilling real-life account of one of the biggest genocides in human history that sadly remains unknown to most.

    The film aired at a number of international film festivals worldwide to positive reviews. Included in the beginning of the film, are a portion of the numerous awards and nominations received. The film received at least one academy award nomination.

    The Holodomor serves as a reminder of the type of anti-White, genocidal manifestations that can arise from the bio-spirit of less-altruistic, non-White races. The ominous level of power and influence that the Jewish regime possesses over the Western world is so heavy that Jordan Peterson refused to answer a question by a fan who asked if he believed an anti-White atrocity such as the Holodomor could be repeated by the Jewish people in the future. “I can’t do it,” copped out Peterson.

    The Jewish man asking the question apparently failed to realize that his tribe is currently perpetrating such an act already – a phenomenon Renaud Camus refers to as “the Great Replacement”.


    IMDB comment:
    Stalin’s Worst Crime
    bloody-317 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    An interesting documentary about Ukraine which was dubbed “the breadbasket of Europe” but in the early 1930s was forced to endure a famine not because of crop failure or any other natural disaster but because it was targeted by the leadership of the Soviet Union including Josef Stalin and Lazar Kaganovich. The Ukrainian farmers known as kulaks were regarded as class enemies and on the Soviet communist hit list. The borders of Ukraine were sealed by the Soviet secret police and grain confiscated by the state. As a result millions starved to death. It is interesting to note that Winston Churchill knew about the Holodomor but still embraced Stalin as an ally in 1941. Churchill didn’t care about the millions of deaths. At their first wartime meeting Stalin remarked to the British prime minister “Ten million kulaks have been liquidated”. He was implying that they were killed by the enemy when he himself was responsible. Same thing with Franklin Roosevelt. He didn’t care about the millions of deaths. In fact at the same time the Holodomor occurred the Roosevelt administration was giving diplomatic recognition to the USSR. Churchill and Roosevelt both claimed to be fighting against dictatorship yet fully supported Stalin who was a dictator. World War 2 – when cognitive dissonance reigned supreme.

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